On Captiva Island in Florida, South Seas resort
A dream come true!
South Seas resort lobby
Inside our beach-front villa
View of the dining area
Another peek inside
View from our veranda
Under the arbor
Sanibel stoop
(searching for seashells)
Strolling for seashells
Joan on the beach
Joan and Peter on the beach
Relaxing on the beach
View from the beach
View of Sanibel lighthouse
Stuff of interest to Peter
More stuff of interest to Peter
Something else of
interest to Peter
Pelicans on the pier
Waiting to board the boat...
...for a nature tour
Peter aboard the
Lady Chadwick
Joan aboard the Lady Chadwick
View of Captiva from
the Lady Chadwick
Glimpsing nature
Nature surfaces...
...and leaps
Dolphin leaping
and leaping
and leaping
and leaping
and leaping some more
Dolphin diving
So long for now, dolphins!
Under the rainbow...
... the dream continues
In front of the rainbow
On board the Lady Chadwick
View of the pier from
the Lady Chadwick
A wild thing
Dressing to go out...
...and celebrate
Joan’s birthday
Dining along-side the marina
Peter’s treat
Another wild thing
Egret with heron
Another view of
egret and heron
Walking with an egret
Walking like a heron
Organizing the seashell collection
Joan with seashell collection
The seashell collection
Peter admiring the seashell collection
Nice seashell...
...very nice
Goodbye lunch
at the Mucky Duck
At the airport
(Peter’s next boat)
Leaving paradise...
...on a jet plane
And the sun sets
above the clouds